There are many things in the world that humans deem important to their lives. Food was the first priority when the stomach started aching and the need for survival made humanly vulnerable to the diversions of food. Later, when winter approached, the dire need for clothing surfaced and humans started to utilize nature to cover up them. In the same way, humans have been in need of many things from time to time and their need has revolutionized the world ever since. Now we are standing at the platform where humans are surrounded by innovation and technology. Beyond that we are dependent on social media to survive rather than food and clothing because humans have started to believe that:


“Whosoever is delighted in its solitude is either a wild beast or a god”


So the time came when humans introduced innovations even in the field of social media and then surfaced applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram, Amazon, Alibaba, and Uber. So what if someone told you that there is a single application that can perform all the tasks that are already performed by Whatsapp, Instagram, Amazon, Paypal, Twitter, Uber, etc. Pretty surprised, right?

WeChat is the only leading software in china that performs all the aforementioned functions and much more. Initially, it started as an instant messaging application but soon it covered all the aspects of social media and social commerce as well. This software is mainly popular in china but it is hoped that it is going to overtake Facebook and Whatsapp in no time.


At initial sight, WeChat (微信) appears more like WhatsApp and Viber as a messaging application where folks may bond with their contacts and forward voice, video, images, and texts. But there is so much more to its application that other similar applications lack in their function. This app involves myriads of mini-programs that tend to roof all aspects of an individual’s each day life and are flawlessly incorporated into WeChat. Users are permitted to order food, check into everyday statuses, make available invoice information, etc. Every bit of information is available in a single application. Such plug-in is transforming WeChat into an invincible application and moreover, are creating plentiful opportunities for tech beginners.


This application was launched in the innovative year of 2011 and it was mooted by its originator, Tencent, as China's counter to Kik, Viber, and WhatsApp. Nevertheless, as we move forward seven years to 2018, we come to know that WeChat is the acknowledged titleholder in China's vivacious social media setting. This application has conquered its competitors and enjoys a gigantic vigorous user base of around one billion. The number of monthly active WeChat users from 2nd section 2011 to 2nd section 2018 (in millions).


The Firewall Benefit:

 Websites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and many more foreign sites are blocked in China since 2010 or before. But the restriction of particular alien websites sites and applications did WeChat goodwill. When users deem that this meant that most of WeChat's latent rivals such as Facebook, Messenger, etc, are still not even on Chinese users' radar. A Certain void was left in the field of social media for WeChat to boost up the many users parched for mobile communiqué applications.



If there had been no limitations for foreign organizations operational in China, I imagine that WeChat would not have been the overriding chat application because they would have been behind schedule to the game.”

-Charlie Smith of Greatfire.org


Reasons for Fame:

WeChat offers a practical hoard of serviceable functions, all contained by one application:

  • Messaging
  • Video calls
  • Moments (like micro-blogging)
  • Concentration groups
  • Online payments
  • Official company accounts
  • Advertising option


At the moment it's promising to use WeChat to dispatch a friend a voice message while at the identical occasion paying for your groceries. Judge this to Facebook, the world's chief social network, and users can see why WeChat, regardless of being Chinese in the foundation, has become so admired. Plainly put, WeChat is a multi-purpose dais that offers mutually companies and users bona fide expediency by being capable to perform a glut of everyday actions without needing to toggle between apps. WeChat also functions as a media platform. This application has facility accounts and subscription accounts which make available daily news and media information to users. Certain platforms are boosting businesses to swell their presence on WeChat particularly now that users can incorporate their CRM with WeChat in China.



An American endeavour entrepreneur puts it; WeChat is there “at every point of users’ each day contact with the world, from dawn until dark”. It is this rank as a core for all internet bustles, and as a stage through which users locate their way to former services, that inspire Silicon Valley companies, counting Facebook, to supervise WeChat closely. They are accurate to cast a resentful eye. People who segregate their time amid China and the West criticize that separating WeChat behind is analogous to stepping back in time.


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