Viber is also a spawn of innovation in the field of social networking and it has proven to be a very helpful website and application whenever the issue of connectivity is questioned than the first app that comes to our mind is viber with 1 billion followers and it allows the user to text, call, share files, and much more. It can work on computer as well as on mobile phones because its user friendly smart phone application is available on the stores to download for free.

The question that arises here is that how does it work? It’s quite simple as it only asks for the user’s mobile number and a username with a customary picture, then you are ready to use and benefit from its myriads of benefits that include free messaging, free audio calling, free sharing of files and emojis. Students can share pictures and notes among themselves and have a friendly conversation about how arrogant their new teacher is, pun intended.

Furthermore it also allows the feature of group chats. Users can easily make groups and add their friends to chat instantly and at the same time with each other. No need for an occasional get together for friends who are living far away from each other or are present in different nations and states of the world. Viber allows the users to make groups and have conversation with each other like they are sitting in a circle and catching up on each other’s lives.

Moreover, there is an option of public chats in which an administrator controls the chat and people can follow up their favourite celebrities, models and stars. It also permits the users to upload media and comment on the pictures and posts. A user cannot comment or intervene, unless he or she is added into the chat by the administrator and in case he or she start to be abusive or badmouthed then administrator can even kick them out of the chat or block them for never to be included again.

Additionally there are stickers for the users to use within their chats to make the conversation more lifelike and interesting. Most of the stickers available are free of cost but certain emojis can be bought within a price range of 0.99$.

Secondly, there is a feature of viber games in which user can connect with his or her friends to play different games while sitting at different corners of the world irrespective of their geographical location. Games can be downloaded through the app in the phone and can be played online through viber to make it more interesting and adrenaline rushed. Don’t forget, fun too.

Viber also adds a feature of a digital consent in which a user has to be more than the age of 13 to use the application because there are many risks included which can backfire against the benefits or pros of the application. To minimize the risk parents are advised to teach their kids about the cyber bullying and what to do if they ever experience such inconvenience online. This might lead to a decreased rate of cyber bullying. To avoid the turmoil of having an ugly conversation with a friend, unknown user or a group member, viber provides with an option of blocking them in order to avoid any such mishap in the future or to avoid that person directly. A certain ways are always present to block a specific person on the application, when receiving a message from a person that is not in the users contact list. The chat screen will show the message with multiple options. The user can add the unknown contact into his contact list or block them. Users can block the people that are involved in the same group as you via the group information screen. Blocking a contact that is already in your contact list is also easy. Users can block them from within the chat information screen.

Moreover, people also share inappropriate stuff on the viber. Users should also be aware of the risks of sharing personal content with other users. Guardians must address this problem with their children to explain that, like all digital content, video, images and messages can easily be saved and shared.

Viber permits users to allocate their locations with their buddies though this function can be turned off by default. Again, it is a fine idea for parents to talk to their children about being vigilant about what information they contribute to and who they share that with. So as to be contacted by another individual on this application, users must also be previously linked or know their mobile number. However, it is probable for any user to view another users profile photo, to shun this simply disable the ‘show user’s photo option’.

To conclude, viber is a good application that can help you communicate with your fellows, friends, and loved ones. As everything has its pros and cons, it’s a bit addictive as well but its benefits outrun its cons so to put an end to this article:


“Viber connects the hearts and life of people all around the world”

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