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“All of us who professionally use the media are the shapers of society.”

We can vulgarize that society, we can brutalize it or we can help lift it into the heights of the peace and prosperity that our forefathers fantasized about how heaven on earth would look like. Social media being the most powerful entity on the earth has the potential to transform the world but it comes along with certain merits and demerits.

Presently social media can be used on personal level for connecting with people and being there for people who means to us. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in the field of information sharing where people lack the interest and time to conventionally read the newspapers and magazines because they have no time to divert their gaze from the  their laptops and computer screens. Moreover the most considered usage of social media includes the satisfaction of the body nerves through entertainment that social media offers. Millions of weird cat and dog videos and cute baby laughing footage are the mostly shared videos available on the internet. People love to know if Jennifer Lopez had a wardrobe malfunction or Zac Effron went to gym with Alexandra Daddario and it gives them the idea that there must be something tickly going on there. Such information on social websites is exactly driving this generation go crazy over the social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter where people bet over what color kylie Jenner would choose for baby Stormy’s hair.

Types of Media:

On the contrast, there are two other types of media that have been taken over or if I dare say, crushed by the new emerging trend of social media.

Firstly, newspapers and magazines fall under the category of print media. It usually deals with the conventional style of reading with a cup of coffee on the breakfast table. But the hurly-burly routine of the human life have not granted a human to chill and read newspaper in the morning.

Moreover, the magazines were a traditional remedy to escape from the burdensome obligation to wait at a train station or a dentist’s office but now social media has replaced them as well by VOGUE being online and all the news related to fashion industry available on the social networking websites.

Secondly, electronic media, including radio and television, entered the industry to race the print media in the marathon of innovation but to its utmost surprise it was ultimately challenged by the social media as well and being everything available on the websites for easy and durable access to all the content of television and radio. Now radio is almost an endangered piece of electronics and TV set is only used to connect the laptops with HDMI cables or to play XBOX or PLAYSTATIONS.





Social Media and its types:


Amy Jo Martin said,

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”

Foolswere those who thought earth was flat and fool are those who think social media is limited because it’s a platform whose limits exceed to our usage. There are myriads of fields available and much more to it. But at first we will dig through the types of the social media so without further ado let’s jump straight in.

Blogs and micro blogs:

A blog is merely a tool that lets you do things from changing the world to sharing your shopping list.A blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject. It allows people to observe the opinion and views of people all around the world and being a social hit these days, everyone is trying to get themselves into the blogging industry.

Social networking sites:

Right here is the trendiest usage of the social media or we should call the Mijolnir to Thor or Vibranium to the Black Panther. These sites include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etcetera. Mark Zukkerberg has given the people a podium to celebrate a new era of connectivity. People share pictures of the places they are visiting and allow other people to view and comment and like on their respective picture. E messagingservice within the site allow the long left friends to catchup on each others lives. Instagram is also being a productive ally to the fashion industry by providing them male and female models. In the conclusion these social networking sites have allowed people to be aware of what is happening around them and even in the corners of the world.

Social commerce:

Trading and buying stuff has never been this easy. Online social commerce has proven to be the life and time saving for people to let them sit at their homes and shop whatever they want from any corner of the world. These sites include ALIBABA and AMAZON.

Social media news:

Social media is a phrase that we throw around a lot these days, often to describe what we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. DIGG is the most famous news aggregator with a curated front page, aiming to select stories specifically for the internet audience such as science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues.

VoIP Software:

Voice of internet protocol soft wares like MSN and SKYPE are available for calling at chatting up with loved ones, business associates, partners or strangers. Video calling is the feature that gained them their popularity and their business thrived to millions and billions because they provided people with something, they were in the dire need of, innovation at ease.


Social Media as a way of connecting people:

“The most important things in life are the connections that we make with others”

-Tom Ford


Here we are talking about the connections that we make. The connections that social media allows us to make with the people from all over the world. The unknown people who are maybe sitting in the farthest corner of the world with no expectation of getting to know a person sitting on couch in New York but social media lets you connect with unknown people from different nations and states of the world. The world and lets you share your version of the story and your perspective about the world.

Furthermore, it allows to connect with the people one already know, irrespective of their location. No matter how far your loved one or relative is, still social media lets us connect through its podium. Mostly there is a conflict between the time zones of different countries, still it lets the person to leave message for the other in case he or she is not around. It provides the opportunity to stay connected with your loved ones around the clock. Isn’t this innovation that was dreamt when people had to send letters and wait for weeks to get a reply? Pretty cool, right?

Moreover, it demands a very little cost of maintaining connection and its fast and swift connectivity has allowed it to reside in the hearts of people all around the world. All you need is a working Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to talk to your loved ones staying or working at the farthest corners of the world or across seven seas. Tracing lost contacts have never been easier. Imagine losing the contact number of a school friend who you’ll love to see now but have lost his or her contact number. All it is required is to fill his name in the search engine of Facebook and Voila! The contact appears right there on the screen mostly.



Benefits of connectivity through social media:


“People can’t be just tied together. They have to connect. Otherwise they ll find themselves bound hand to foot”



Connecting with people have certain social, religious and political benefits that allows them to grow and flourish in their lives. Without further delay we ll just dive into the benefits of the connectivity through social media and how it affect their lives.



Each person has information to share regarding his knowledge and social media provides him with a platform to share that information among his friends, family and the rest of the world so that knowledge can spread and also helps other people around the world. Such information includes magic tricks, makeup tutorials, skating tips, tips to make friends even and much more. It also helps upgrade one’s living standards by learning from people the ways to decorate their house, to look better, to dress up and how to maintain a nice wardrobe etc. social media also acts as an educational hub to people all over the world. With its features such as YOUTUBE, a person can easily earn about anything by watching a whole video uploaded by someone. Social blessings of social media exceeds the limits of human perception as it provides solution to every problem. Moreover it acts as a beacon of light to eliminate biasness because we can see people belonging to all sorts of race and colors performing or being on the social media and no hate or biasness is considered. When two or more people related to different races and cultures strive to maintain a friendly connection then it leads to the elimination of certain rumors and misguided beliefs related to the certain race or culture.



Social media has played a vital role in spreading the social awareness about the political system as it assists in political decision making by people. When certain facts figures are presented to people than they make a valid decision that who or what they are going to support in the future.

For instance, ARAB SPRING 2011 was a resolution started from facebook which evoked a wider change in the politics and the political system of the Middle East in 2011. Furthermore, the range of voters in GENERAL ELECTIONS OF PAKISTAN 2013, greatly increased and the credit goes to the social media.

Moreover, social media aids in the highlighting of public issues and grievances to spread awareness among the people who are unaware of their surroundings or are too busy to stay updated on the harmful elements of the society because they don’t watch TV or listen to the news channels.



Another humongous benefit of that social media offers is that it provides information relating different economic opportunities to help people manage their business and choose a suitable profession to their needs. It also acts as an anchor to the people who are looking for a platform to perform their economic activities and allows their business to flourish online through advertising at stuff.  Moreover it renders assistance for an economical decision making. A famous businessman justifies this point as:

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of the business.”



Social media serves as beacon to impart religious education. Lectures of different  Mullahs, Priests, Gurus and Preachers is available on the YOUTUBE for religious education and better understanding and the recitation of holy books is available for people who desire to practice their religious notions everyday as it serves as a platform for religious preaching. If you want redeem yourself of urn sins through internet then give it a try.

Furthermore, the major religious benefit that social media put forward is that it ended the religious biasness of the people from all over the world because it served as a beacon of light to the people who had certain misunderstandings and were focused more on the rumors about a particular religion, race or creed.


Social Media as a source of disconnecting people:


‘Media is a monster out of hands”

Often quoted line is somewhat true as we dig deeper into the pros of the social media, we come to a realization that social media has largely effected the lives of human beings. The disconnection that it caused involves:

  • Weakening of family bonds
  • Decrease in traditional get together.
  • Decline in sports activities
  • Scarcity of time
  • Spoil of moral values
  • Wastage of time
  • Acts of cheating and fraud
  • Deleterious effects on health
  • Promotion of hatred and antagonism
  • Unreliability of information




Everything has its pros and cons but it depends on the person that how he is utilizing a particular object. Snake venom from a Black Mamba can be deadly but it is also used in the production of vaccines. So I conclude this article by this quotation:

“We don’t have a choice whether we do Social Media; the question is how well we do it.”






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