Snapchat is application that allows the user to send ‘self-destructing’ pictures and short videos to other users and is called snaps. In a world full of innovations and technology, we tend to stay updated to all the new features and applications of the world. Snapchat was also introduced as a networking application that allowed the users to send private messages, photos, videos and much more. Hence, it started another trendy application which can be seen used by almost everyone. Most of its users are female who are attracted to the filters that this application allows to use. For instance the ‘dog filter’, in which the camera scans the person face and make it look like a dog and whenever a person sticks out its own tongue, a long tongue of dog pops out instead.

The Snapchat application was launched by a small team of Stanford University students and was launched in September 2011. It was made available for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s android based operating systems. The reason behind its success was the trend of uploading stories that acted as an innovation in the field of social media and in a very short period of time gained a tremendous success.

Furthermore, another reason for the sudden upheaval of this application was the feature of snap chat memories. Aforementioned, feature that causes the applications popularity among female generation is the usage of snapchat filters. Snapchat’s privacy was questioned in 2015 when their claim of self destructing images was proven to be flawed. On the launch of snapchat, it instantaneously became in style.

Snapchat is a mode to imprison memoirs, whether you’re drifting around your native land, going across the realm, or going to a different nation. There’s forever the option to hoard the picture on Snapchat when you send a picture to your friends of you and your family on top of a peak that you’re about to ski down, or shoot a picture of an astounding view of Bucharest.

Regardless of these optimistic aspects of Snapchat, there are also aspects of it that aren’t the finest. One of the reasons is that Snapchat can cause embarrassed situations among friends. It can cause nervousness with one friend, for instance, if you take a Snapchat with a girl or boy that was mean to that friend, or you take a Snap at a party with another cooler assembly of friends when you said you weren’t going out. This, visibly, causes drama between certain people in a group before the whole friend group gets the intact story.


Not only do people use Snapchat to fly their own kite about their riches, people also use it to con people on who they’re actually friends with. When people takes a selfie with a girl who’s admired or takes a picture with a boy that’s a celebrity, they may feel better about themselves for a split second, but it’s sincerely sad that they need to take pictures with people who they deem to be cooler than them to sense better about themselves. This is distressing, trivial, and cringe-worthy.

It is a great way to become social and chat with people who are close to you. Snapchat allows users to send messages that vanish after a person views them and keeping in mind the privacy concerns of the youngsters of this age, it has been a great way to meet up with new people and send messages and share your life stories. Snapchat is quite trendy among the people who are mostly under 20 and mostly among women because they are most concerned about their privacy, pun intended. Now it has become famous and if you are looking for an application that has all the cool features and don’t want to stay behind in the race of staying up to date then snapchat is your option. Moreover snapchat has proven to be an enhanced combination of all the social media application that are available on the software stores of the different companies and snapchat has proven to be best.


To conclude, there are countless fine and innocent reasons to adore Snapchat as it’s a way to keep in touch with friends that are living across the country, and sets you at ease of seeing their face. But there are also some factors that might be a con to this widely accepted mobile phone application. A world where connecting with people had always been a problem and when technology introduced a new way to connect through internet then it was believed that there can be no further innovation within this new mode of connection but soon we were introduced to this new application which was named snapchat and had myriads of functions. Features like streaks and stories that allow the users to catch-up with whatever their friends are up to.


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