Skype served as a website for people to serve as a communication hub with each other in an innovative style when phone calls and letters started to seem outdated and time taking. Skype was introduced as a website and an application to allow people to communicate with each other in a face to face manner. This was the first application that was free of cost and permitted people to video call to their business associates, partner and loved ones. Not only it allows video calling but it also conveys the traditional means to voice call, messaging and sharing files and documents at a cost that of no money at whatsoever.

As the new century emerged, people showed their dependency on the technology and this urge to stay updated to latest inventions created a lust to introduce more technology within their everyday life. So this was the beginning of a rust era for the conventional communication means such as telephones and messages. As technology is rapidly growing, changing and innovating, so Skype was a knight in the shining armour to come save those who were tired of the burdensome usage of letters and wired telephone sets. For them it was a breakthrough to break free from the shackles of wires and buttons and now they could message, video chat, audio call and send files from a single website without the fear of high billing of telephone services that is all set to attack them as soon as they dialled an international number. As an initial beta tester of the site Skype, I was relieved to a very limit when I could talk to my father in Spain for longer than 15 minutes every day because the telephone companies were a heavy toll on my pocket for calling my father abroad and never allowed me to call him for a longer duration. I couldn’t cut off with my father, obviously, so I was introduced to Skype and then I could improve my relations with my father and got to learn a bit more about Spain and learn some Spanish words too. All because I had enough time to watch and listen to what my father had to say.  “Hola, como estas?”

Skype is a texting and voice chat application that permits clients to connect with each other from any part of world with Internet access. Calls to other users within the Skype service are on the house. While calls that are performed on other landline numbers ask for a debit card. Skype has also become fashionable for its bonus features, including videoconferencing and file transfer. Skype is also popular for its additional features, such as file transfer and videoconferencing. Unlike most VoIP services, Skype uses hybrid peer-to-peer and client–server system, and makes use of background processing on computers running Skype software.

To conclude, telephones were a heavy toll on the pocket and letters took way much time to reach the recipients so Skype was proven to be an efficient way of communicating because it saved the humans from the turmoil of letters and wired telephones. Plus, a lot of paper was saved when letter writing came to an end, apparently a lots of trees were saved. Say no to deforestation, pun intended.

“Even though we are miles apart, Skype connect our hearts”

Moreover, people were allowed to video call each other but now as we see the advancements in the technology, we begin to expect more and it won’t stop here. Imagination leads us to believe that there will be more to Skype and maybe the day comes when we become able to hug or kiss our loved ones online. A heart wants what it wishes so let’s hope that in the future we come across something that will help us cross the physical limitations of the internet and maybe another version of Skype is introduced where we can make our fantasies come true. But this dream is for the innovators of the future century and right now, all we need to focus is on what we have today as it is effecting and improving our lives greatly.


Skype has helped us connect with our loved ones and to me it was the first application that has helped me to talk to the people that are close to my heart and Skype will forever hold a significant position in the my heart when it comes to the race of technology and every other application that replaces its functions. I remember a time when telephones were the only source to connect with people that we love and since then nothing was available for connection. Here came the Skype and ended our confinement to connect with people that we love and maintain our relationships despite the distance that is there between people.

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