Are you guys well aware of the WeChat? Of course all and sundry know about WeChat because it is the prime application in China’s social media. But WeChat became China’s most popular social media channel only this particular year. The dethroned title holder was QQ, which was probably the leading social media network users had never heard of. QQ was so vast; it set a Guinness world record for having the prevalent number of users online all at once. QQ’s tale is stirring and eventually heartbreaking. Because as far as calamity goes in the world of applications. It was also one that each vendor eager to comprehend the Chinese social media milieu should be acquainted with.


As China’s primary enormously admired messaging service, QQ twisted the expansion of both China’s net and mobile net. Regardless of being launched all the means back in 1999, 5 years before Facebook; QQ had survived the trials of time. It had also survived a constant endeavour by its own founders to annihilate it. In the present day, QQ at a halt has some 850 million active monthly users. It is more than twofold the number Twitter claim. In other ways, though, it is only a silhouette of its previous self. QQ was the foremost creation released by the company Tencent, which is currently one of the main internet organizations in the world. Tencent’s initiator, Ma Huateng, branded as “Pony Ma”, received turn on capital from influential billionaire Li Ka-Shing through a homeland connection amid the men.

QQ Today:

At launch, QQ was only an uncomplicated immediate messenger and an unconcealed duplicate of an Israeli application called ICQ. Nevertheless, innovations rapidly followed. Nowadays, users can amuse themselves with online games, modify their avatar, send and receive emails and fat files, distribute Snapchat-style vanishing videos and animations, and unite online groups of compatible folks. Users can as well stream music, locate a partner by the use of QQ’s dating service, and make use of the Facebook-like Zone for partaking with friends and understanding their posts in their news feed. It is no longer only a desktop application but QQ and Zone are also available on the user’s smartphone.

Why QQ is no longer the number 1?

Exactly, is this application was so famous and had so many functions that how come this had to face such a downfall. QQ is the minus eye-catching, shorter, and fewer clever elder brothers who are forever upstaged by his younger brother. 963 million monthly active users are occupied by the “Younger brother” WeChat at the moment. In spite of WeChat’s supremacy, “Big Brother” QQ risks a Yahoo! akin to the prospect of steadily rising insignificance. To brawl that likelihood, QQ is reinventing itself as the online objective of alternative for the youngest internet users: youth and pre-teens. So the question comes again that how is QQ decides about doing this and will it is sufficient to make the podium pertinent to marketers once more?



WeChat and QQ are two opportune communiqué applications for travellers in China. Users can employ them to contact their acquaintances, friends and family in their respective countries, contact their escort in China, or get together with new-fangled associates in China. Users can fix them on their phones, computers, or tablets, and it is accessible for iOS and android. The subsequent preface focuses on the application version of mobile phones. Understand to locate what users are able to do with these two platforms.

These two applications offer the helpful purpose of conveyance of a text or voice message free of charge. It is helpful for making fresh friends in China. It is extremely constructive if users have a tour guide or an escort in China. Users can get in touch with him/her in genuine time and converse with him/her for free of charge. Memo that this particular function costs for data broadcast, but it is not a dilemma if users have a Wi-Fi connection.


The spitting image of any other software, users ought to pertain for an account with the intention of using it. The request for a QQ account number is completely free of charge. After users get a QQ account number, then users can begin chatting with their associates via QQ. On Tencent QQ, users can merely by text, call, or video chat with their friend independently, or they can systematize a provisional group chat. This is the fundamental purpose of QQ software. If users’ total online time exceeds 320 days, their account will robotically bring up to date into a “Sun Number”. This means they can have the licence to set up a lasting group limited contained by 100 people or less.


Becoming trendy in China with far-fetched swiftness, WeChat is actually, QQ for smart phones, except is well-adapted as a substitute mean of communiqué. At the same time as generally travellers are accustomed to WhatsApp, WeChat's podium is much more fitting to make use of in China as it does not necessitate a VPN to employ. WhatsApp require the exercise of a VPN, and yet when the VPN is on and functioning correctly, WhatsApp only works infrequently at best and at times will not function at all with the aim of saving oneself from aggravation or not in attendance significant calls and messages, WeChat makes sure flat use and guanteed connectivity. 

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