MySpace is effortless and fitting for every user as it is comparable to ‘Friendster’ which allows its users to choose or make their preferred theme themselves. Moreover, MySpace also allow users to upload their video, music, photo and other media that they want to share with other MySpace users. Games are also provided for users and some of the MySpace users expand their social network through MySpace. People use MySpace to connect with old buddies and mates from past. Hence, MySpace is a social networking website which has, over time, proven to be highly convenient to the people. People can play games, watch videos, hear music and perform other stuff in MySpace.


MySpace was started in 2003. Furthermore, it was introduced by a tiny collaboration of software programmers who were already working in the companies such as in eUniverse. MySpace has grown by leaps and bounds. MySpace website in a very short amount of time became one of the humongous online companies. All the credit, of constructing something with such worth and in such short amount of time, is given to the dream of Thomas Anderson and some of his friend who were members of Friendster and by now had everything they posed essential to get started and fashioned MySpace.

The mostly noted feature of the MySpace is that it allowed the people to view and follow artists. Artist is a man or a woman whose creative work shows innovation, sensitivity and usually wild imagination. These artists have their own personal and professional pages on MySpace and it allows their followers to catch-up on what they have been working on recently and their official timeline is permitting MySpace users to know their current update.

Moreover, particular network-based business has the latent to draw friends and family members of every registered member. The loss of individual members due to a lack of contentment is damaging to any business. This is particularly precise in the case of MySpace bearing in mind its social-based design. Each consumer is precious to their company. Excellence as the model state:


“It is very difficult to maintain quality of the product due to the fact that the service is consumed at the point of contact. Views can be composed later on but the content of the views will differ by customer due to their personage point of views on that facility and excellence”.




Weaknesses are also present because a company that big cannot go without having a very teeny tiny flaws. Poor communication between MySpace and News Corporation was the first question that arose to pressurize the users. Company proved to be a bit unorganized because it was not or could not prioritize projects, important assignments and budgeting. Furthermore, it was putting in too much endeavour on advertisement and not adequate on mounting competitive advantage. As the new social media was emerging as the weapon or Mijolnir to the Thors of social animals, MySpace could not adapt to the new social media environment that was encircling the whole networking industry.


Strengths of MySpace include certain things that are obligatory to be mentioned. MySpace has given the world many singers such as lilies and arctic monkeys that are really admired in the modern era and reside among the considered music community. Another quality that it possesses, which proved fruitful in the field of networking industry, connects with world’s largest news company that is News Corporation.

Music in MySpace:

Music is MySpace’s terrain. They have enormous collection of artists and bands with their own official pages. Some artists have millions of “friends” and the pages permit streaming music, artist rule over the look and sense of the site. MySpace also have music streaming, playlists, downloads, merchandise sales, ring tones and other features.

MySpace Music has authorized users to hunt their preferred music by region. Moreover, MySpace users are allow downloading music, link to news articles, and concerting in sequence and musicians’ commercials on MySpace Music website. MySpace creator, Anderson, had made no distinctions about talent rank. He certified anyone with music that can be downloaded can post on MySpace Music.


MySpace has yet another enchanting feature that was there but was glorified by MySpace. MySpace also permits all people on MySpace to generate their own playlist. Playlist is a collection of songs from a music library created by users often to escape from the toll of searching music again and again.


Personally, I was not aware of what actually MySpace is.  But as I dug deeper and started using MySpace then I came to a realization that I was totally wrong before. According to my earlier judgment, MySpace was just is a social networking. But now, I feel that I was wrong.  MySpace is not only a social networking but it is also a place that helps us connect with our favourite artists. We can know what our favourite artists did newly in MySpace. I establish that MySpace really have many advantages for those who adore music. Music is a part of our life and we can search the artist latest songs on our artists’ MySpace profile. MySpace really is a first-rate website to us. I will set up this website to all of my friends to share the gain.

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