“Instagram exists for people to self promote”

Insatgram is considered to be as the most recent and widely considered social media platform that became famous in no time. It allows users to create a profile that can be public and private depending wholly and the person’s desire of usage. Then began the concept of self promotion where people uploaded videos and photos of themselves to share and be watched by other people who are following them and in hope to be liked and followed by more people. From this began the race to get more followers and likes in order to be a top rated star on instagram in short ‘insta’. For people who were at a time nobody, started to get famous among the world and reached into the eyes of many photographers and directors who casted them in their photo sessions and films or dramas. Others, with a long list of followers, started their own product and business promotion network in order to achieve certain amount of money. So every user with one million followers is a star on instagram and is awarded golden instagram logo by the instagram company and with a verified logo at the end of their user name. Instagram offers a desktop site as well as a smart phone application for the easy networking on the go. Because computers were started to be outdated and now mobile phones are considered as an all time gadget for any kind of task so it was very handy for users to access a trendy networking site from their mobile phones through a mobile application.

Instagram was created by mike Krieger and Kevin systrome on 6th October 2010 but in April 2010 facebook bought instagram for one billion US dollars. Facebook, being a networking giant knew that this platform will eventually pout run the facebook in the race of networking business so their speculations were proven to be fruitful when instagram was declared with more followers than there were on facebook in a recent survey. If mark zukkerberg hadn’t taken that decision then maybe today facebook had been considered outdated today and instagram had taken its place as a network giant, acting as a beacon to create this world as a global village.

Instagram had adopted many changes through its evolving years to up till today. It introduced many digital filters which were not present at its original launch. Now these filters can be applied on pictures by the users to make their profile more captivating and beautiful in order to be more attractive to the followers and win the race of a the most followed user among his friend or the online community.

Furthermore hash tags were introduced to put before any caption which was related to any online event so that by following a trend, users can also involve themselves or declare to involve themselves in certain online event. This gives their followers an idea that the particular user is also interested or following the certain event and so they try to follow their role model as well. For instance , these days a’ bottle cap challenge’ is quite on a peak, where we can see movie stars, models, actors, film producers and athletes are trying to kick open a bottle cap and shoot their video for later uploading on instagram with a hash tag bottle cap challenge.

Moreover, geo tags were also introduced in the application, where users could share their exact location with their followers in order to let them know the hotels, spas, restaurants, gyms or other places they are visiting. Mostly it’s just a way to show off their updated social living standards and to make their lives catchier in contrast to the outer world.

In contrast to the positive effects that instagram has to offer, such as, staying totally up to date to the current happenings around the world and the social lives of their role models, some people tend to agree that there are many adverse effects of instagram on our generation. Most people showed their keen agreement to the adverse effects on the mental health of the teens as well as adults. Instagram is considered to be a platform where models or people share their everyday life and communicate with their followers through textual commentary below their images and photos. More than half of the users on instagram are females who prefer to follow the positive content displayed under these pictures.

But several arguments were raised that there are negative impacts on the mental health and self image of the followers because it creates in them a perception of inferiority complex that they can never be as good as their role models are and this caused depression among many teens and adults ranging from the age of 14-24. A survey study conducted, showed that 65% of the test subjects agreed that their usage of instagram has caused depression and a lowered self image in their minds and they have been fighting to overcome it ever since but couldn’t because they can’t stop using instagram. It’s that addictive.

To conclude there are two sides to a coin so we do not have an option that if we do special media but the question arises here that how well we do it.

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