A shift of communication is to be observed since past decade, all due to the rapidly increasing attention towards a social networking website called “Facebook”. Particular transition is evidence that societies urge to follow the trend of this altered mean of communication for myriads of benefits that it offers, such as its eminent features for staying in touch with present social circles, uniting with long lost family and friends.


Facebook was, at the outset, created by Mark Zukkerberg with the help of his roommates at Harvard University as a website named ‘FACEMASH’. The initial purpose of the website was to allow the Harvard students to interact with each other and was specifically designed for Harvard students only. But as soon as the website hit popularity, Mark was enthusiased to create ‘FACEBOOK’ for the students of other universities as well. This started an era of a non-ending communication and with further fame that website received in 2009, website was allowed for anyone to use at the age above 13. Hence, Facebook became a social networking site which connected people from all over the world making this world a global village.


Facebook allows the user to create a personal profile with your own picture, a valid email-id and a secretive password to login. As the user logs into the site, hence opens the portal to new dimension of connectivity where people can send each other friend requests and become friends with the people belonging to different nations and states. Anyone can search you up using your user name; send you messages and friend requests. Furthermore, it allows the user to upload and share pictures with his loved ones irrespective of their location and time zone as the other friends can like, comment, and share your picture that was uploaded. Moreover, it allows people to create events to send invitations to the people without much effort and it really boosts up a person’s management skills. Newsfeed section is available to stay updated to the routine and life of your facebook friends and loved ones, as discussed earlier that it opens up a portal to a new dimension of connectivity.


Blessing in hands:

Facebook was introduced as a breakthrough to the new generation and not only it serves to connect people but also acts as a beacon for educational purposes. Students are permitted to share study notes, hold contests, upload test materials and teachers can make their own channel to upload their own lectures for students who cannot afford home tuitions after school. Both teachers and students of this era agree that facebook has undoubtedly increased their focus on studies as it has allowed learning to be much easier and fun.

Facebook as a global classroom:

If properly used, many teachers and professors believe that facebook can act as a way to better the education system due its applications. Professors and pupils may become friends on facebook to allow teachers to personally know the students, which will eventually leads to a better understanding and a healthy, professional and learning-friendly environment of the classroom. This type of teaching can enhance the relation between teacher and the student because there are many students in the class who are ashamed to ask any question and this can lead eventually to a low performance in the academics. To end this problem once and for all face book offers pages and groups here teachers can have their pages and groups where they can post all the research and study material for students to get help from and perform well in the studies. Now is the time when a person has to study but there are not enough sources for the study material but now it won’t be a problem anymore because face book has tons and millions of information stored in its data base from where a student can access the relative page and look up for online teachers who can help him through his studies. Face book without any doubt, is acting as a global classroom.


There are always two ends to a string and same is the case with social media website, face book. The advantages and the disadvantages of the application totally depend upon the usage of an individual. For people who are utilizing it for the study purposes will definitely end up gaining benefits from it otherwise who will spend his entire time on chatting with strangers then he will end up being totally lost in the abyss of social media and will ruin his educational career. Facebook has also served as making this whole world as a global village and have allowed people to connect on through the internet irrespective of where they exactly are residing at the present time. Facebook has its uses and no one can deny this fact.



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