A shift of communication is to be observed since past decade, all due to the rapidly increasing attention towards a social networking website called “Facebook”. Particular transition is evidence that societies urge to follow the trend of this altered


Insatgram is considered to be as the most recent and widely considered social media platform that became famous in no time. It allows users to create a profile that can be public and private depending wholly and the person’s desire of usage


LinkedIn is a helpful source for career and business professionals to use for networking purposes, obtain resources and support, and build associations with latent customers, clients, and partners


MySpace is effortless and fitting for every user as it is comparable to ‘Friendster’ which allows its users to choose or make their preferred theme themselves


Are you guys well aware of the WeChat? Of course all and sundry know about WeChat because it is the prime application in China’s social media. But WeChat became China’s most popular social media channel only this particular year


Skype served as a website for people to serve as a communication hub with each other in an innovative style when phone calls and letters started to seem outdated and time taking


Snapchat is application that allows the user to send ‘self-destructing’ pictures and short videos to other users and is called snaps. In a world full of innovations and technology, we tend to stay updated to all the new features and applications of the world

Social Media

We can vulgarize that society, we can brutalize it or we can help lift it into the heights of the peace and prosperity that our forefathers fantasized about how heaven on earth would look like


Viber is also a spawn of innovation in the field of social networking and it has proven to be a very helpful website and application whenever the issue of connectivity is questioned


There are many things in the world that humans deem important to their lives. Food was the first priority when the stomach started aching and the need for survival made humanly vulnerable to the diversions of food


Our generation exists in an era in which chatting applications and social media has become the dire need of our everyday life. Whether people agree or don’t, people depend on chatting applications so much on their life to the degree that they cannot subsist without using them

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