A shift of communication is to be observed since past decade, all due to the rapidly increasing attention towards a social networking website called “Facebook”.Particular transition is evidence that societies urge to follow the trend of this altered mean of communication for myriads of benefits that it offers, such as its eminent features for staying in touch with present social circles, uniting with long lost family and friends.


Insatgram is considered to be as the most recent and widely considered social media platform that became famous in no time. It allows users to create a profile that can be public and private depending wholly and the person’s desire of usage. Then began the concept of self promotion where people uploaded videos and photos of themselves to share and be watched by other people who are following them and in hope to be liked and followed by more people.


LinkedIn is a helpful source for career and business professionals to use for networking purposes, obtain resources and support, and build associations with latent customers, clients, and partners. It's ultimate for home-based business owners, freelancers, and telecommuters because it can assist them to build their business and career, as well as stay connected to the outside world.


MySpace is effortless and fitting for every user as it is comparable to ‘Friendster’ which allows its users to choose or make their preferred theme themselves. Moreover, MySpace also allow users to upload their video, music, photo and other media that they want to share with other MySpace users. Games are also provided for users and some of the MySpace users expand their social network through MySpace. People use MySpace to connect with old buddies and mates from past.

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